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Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2002 with a view to ensure preservation and protection of the eco fragile landscape of the Indian Himalayas. We need to share the present concerns of Global Warming and the endangered glaciers that are in a continuous state of receding. Adventure tourism integrated with an awareness of environmental and ecological concerns needs to be positively addressed urgently.

Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited is Promoting and Operating Tours like, Trekking & Hiking, Mountain Jeep Safari, Mountain Biking, Cultural Tours, Bird Watching Tours, Wildlife Safari’s and Tours, Special Interest Tours, leisure Tours and Campings,and Organize Royal Weddings at Rajasthan. Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited supports Eco-Tourism and we follow the Minimum Impact Policies of Eco-Tourism right from our office to the Field Operations. Our Each tour is specially designed and handled as such it gives maximum leisure and fun for the clients. Our guides and Escorts are specially chosen according to their Past experiences and field experience.


A Young Tourism Professional Holding Two Master Degrees: Master of Business and Commerce (M.Com) and Master of Tourism Management (M.T.M) formed Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited and brought along some un-employed localites who were passionate to make Tourism as a their Profession, after having worked with leading adventure tour operators in the region. He found that a lot was lacking in environmental friendly adventure tours and decided to tackle the situation in his own way. He led numerous trekking expeditions into the hi-altitude cold desert regions of Spiti, Zanskar and Ladakh, besides the alpine landscapes of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal and is familiar with local customs and traditions. Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited’s main focus is to benefit the local populace and respect their ways. Wonderland Treks & Tours Private Limited is based in the Beautiful Valley of Kullu in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and the gateway to the awesome Zanskar and Ladakh region. From here one has easy access and an efficient network that enables to arrange an excellent vacation at any destination in India and its sub Continent.


Our team comprises of experienced mountaineers and trekking guides who are sensitive to all our clients comfort and safety. We also have with us, cooks who can come up with a gourmet meal in the wilderness, besides camp helpers who pamper you with their efficiency. Depending on the particular trek or route we provide you dependable porters or the hardiest of pack ponies who can handle the roughest of mountain trails with ease. Their horsemen are friendly and always willing to help. Our equipment consists of all weather tents, karrymats, kitchen equipment and all you can ever wish for in a comfortable camp. These were specifically chosen considering the kind of terrain and the climatic conditions each individual trip involved. Our office staff is well informed and can give you the exact information you need. Be it adventure routes, leisure holidays, all kinds of transportation ranging from flight, train, deluxe coaches, to taxi schedules and fares. We deliver a 100% hassle free vacation.

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